The household chemicals that are incredibly effective in keeping spaces spick and span also have the potential to be incredibly dangerous. While it’s true that misuse of these products is hazardous, so too is inappropriately storing them. The chemical makeup of these cleaning products make them dangerous if they linger for too long, as curious children or pets can then access them.

In an effort to keep every member of the family out of harm’s way, it’s imperative families get savvy about handling these household cleaning products. This begins with becoming familiar with the labels. For some families, this might be challenging as these products’ labels often fade with how long these products last in the home. Regardless, these labels offer important information regarding the use and storage of these products, making them essential reading material prior to use and storage.

Families will often find the most success in both keeping these products handy, but also out of the hands of children and pets by keeping a storage caddy or basket for cleaning supplies. When all of these products are kept together, in a spot that’s only accessible to those able to use them, there are less chances for accidental spills or curious paws getting into trouble.

Mastering the art of safely using household chemicals also requires that these products be safely stored. To learn more about the ways that families are storing these products, read on the infographic accompanying this post.

Household Chemical Storage Guide from SolvChem Custom Packaging Division, an organization offering custom chemical services

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